There are few facts about playing legal online poker especially in the U.S.A, with few legal online pokers emerging and being accepted in the U.S. Even on black Fridays, no poker players were arrested for playing poker. According to “,Nevada is the only place that has legal poker but only allowed to its players . Nevertheless there are still around 2 million poker players that live in the U.S.A.
Playing poker at a licensed casino in the U.S. is poker legal. You may wonder, What of the internet. There has been no evidence of arrests in the U.S. for those players playing online, since it is also legal. There are only selected sites where it is legal to play net poker and hence one needs to know them well first. It is also relatively cheaper to play poker online .The new Jersey state for example is on the process of allowing and legalizing the online poker because most people want to avoid the congestion. Example of this legal online pokers are:
• Bovada [based in Canada] online poker is a well known and respected in most states for its efficiency, dedicated and attracts sophisticated internet players . It reaps huge bonuses for playing every single game to a 100%• Bet online is a sports oriented online poker which pulls the young generation that is on to sports, it is also legal , safe and secure and enjoyable to the U.S. palyers• 5 Dimes poker is another most legal and trusted though it does not have bonuses for it players it in return gives trophies to the players who want to relax from their hectic day or in between meetings
When you have decided to join the online poker net, you will need to visit and understand how online poker works. Here you are required to open an account with any of the online poker casinos available, which is very easy with the help of the poker site. You will be required to provide basic personal info , create a password and a method of deposit and one has to be over 18 years to qualify for an account.
A lot of review on legal poker online shows that in the next few years to come most of the players will be going for the online poker games.

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